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Order Tracking

When will I receive my tracking link?

All orders are dispatched from our warehouse within 12 - 24 hours.

You will receive a Shipping Confirmation email with your tracking link once your order has cleared customs and has been loaded to air freight, typically 2 - 5 days  after placing your order.  Please check your spam folder if you are unable to locate this email.


How can I track my order?

You can either click on the link contained within your shipping notification email, or you can head to this link:  

Track My Order!

Please note that you will require your order number for this service. This number is found on your Order Confirmation email. If you cannot locate this email, please check your spam folder. It is normally received on the same date you placed your order. We can of course resend this to you if required.


When can I start to track my order? 

Before attempting to track your order, please allow a few days after receipt of your shipping confirmation email to allow your tracking to sync to the international network.

Please note that some national postal services (such as An Post in Ireland, and Australia Post) do not allow international tracking to take place until the item has arrived in your domestic country. Unfortunately, this is due to the way their systems are set up and as such is outside of our control. 


The tracking has not updated for some time?

Please note that as we do not use private couriers, orders are not GPS tagged during the international air transit stage of the journey: the tracking updates are triggered by the national postal network system once the item arrives with the domestic shipping service. Prior to this, only material updates will be reported, such as arrival at the destination country customs.  

If your tracking has not moved for some time, it is highly unlikely to be due to the shipment becoming lost. It usually means that it is still in international transit (which is often indirect, involving many countries), with nothing material yet to report. Please therefore be patient and allow the estimated delivery duration given in our Shipping Policy. 


How long before I receive my order?

We give the estimated delivery durations for each country within our Shipping Policy, which is found in our website menu sections, at check out, and in the order confirmation email sent to you. You can also find it here:



COVID-19 delays

We try to keep the estimated delivery durations to each country as up to date as possible throughout this pandemic. We base our estimates on information provided to us by each postal network, along with the duration trends for previous orders.  We review this each month and update the estimates as appropriate. 

However, we would ask customers to be mindful of the current difficulties faced by the international delivery networks. All aspects of the delivery chain have been affected by COVID-19 delays, due to additional customs procedures, reduced working hours and reduced cargo flights. These measures are outside of our control. 

Your order will arrive, but the occasionally the delivery time may be a little longer than the estimate provided as much depends on how busy the networks are at any given time, and of course whether they have been required to go into local lockdown. 

Please see your domestic postal service website for more information as to whether you can expect such delays, or contact us for an update.


Tracking issues 

If you receive an error message when you try to track, this could indicate a syncing issue.  Please contact us at help@furbabyfriends.co.uk and we will gladly assist you. It may simply be that your tracking number has updated or needs needs to be manually synced to the system. 


The tracking says 'cancelled'

Please do not be concerned if you get this message when attempting to track! Your order/ shipment has not been cancelled.  It simply means that the tracking number is being revised following a delay in loading to air freight due to these exceptionally busy and difficult times, and should update shortly. Rest assured your order is still in transit. Our delivery estimates do also allow for this event.

If it does not automatically update in a few days, please contact us so we can check it for you. We may need to simply force a sync/ update.


Further queries 

For any issues/ queries, you may find our FAQs page helpful as it has been compiled from the most commonly asked questions: 



If the above information does not assist you, feel free to contact us at help@furbabyfriends.co.uk and we will be happy to help   💕 🐾