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Here is a list of frequently asked questions to assist you:

Where is your company based and where do you ship from?

  • We are located in Northern Ireland (UK).  For our full address, please check our Terms & Conditions.
  • As stated in our Shipping Policy, in order to keep our prices down, we ship directly from our manufacturer's warehouses. These are mainly based in SE Asia, including India, Sri Lanka, Bali (Indonesia), Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China. Our face masks are handmade by our dedicated team of tailors in Taiwan.  Our design and manufacturing team for the wall plaques and posters are also based in Taiwan. All all of our items are thoroughly inspected before despatch and then assessed and cleared by exit customs as both safe for shipping and in accordance with international quality standards.

    Can I pay in my local currency?

    • We provide over 40 different currency payment options. You can change the currency via the drop down box next to each product. 
    • Please note that because our default currency is in USD ($), there is a 1.5% conversion fee applied to other currencies if you pay via credit/debit card.  This is similar to the rate most banks (including PayPal) will apply to purchases made in a foreign currency, but lower than most credit cards. This conversion fee is set by Shopify, our store platform's banking institution, and is not controlled or received by us. Shopify also rounds up the currency once converted to the nearest whole number.
    • If you wish to pay in your home currency without incurring this conversion fee and rounding, please use either the Revolut Pay option (if you have a Revolut account), or contact us for our direct bank transfer details and we can process your order without the conversion fee. This is because we bank directly with Revolut Business, which does not charge a conversion fee.

      Why has the checkout amount changed?

      • If you have opted to pay in a currency other than USD$, your bank will charge you a currency conversion fee, as mentioned above. Please note that currency values change on a second-by-second basis as they are linked to the stock exchange. You may therefore sometimes see a small discrepancy (up or down) once you reach checkout, especially if the item has been in your cart for a while.

      What is 'Buyer Protection Guarantee'?

      • This is our guarantee to you that we will provide you with a full refund, including shipping costs, should your item not be as described. We also guarantee to send a replacement item free of charge should your item be found to be damaged or defective upon receipt. The guarantee also means we will provide a replacement free of charge should your item be lost in transit.

      What payment options do you accept?

      • We accept all major credit and debit cards, direct bank transfer, PayPal, Google Pay, Shop Pay, Revolut Pay and Apple Pay. We also offer payment by instalments via Klarna. We do not accept cash or cheque, or payment on delivery.

      Are there any hidden costs?

      • No. VAT and customs duties are included in our product costs, with US taxes shown at checkout where applicable. There are no hidden charges or add-ons to take you by surprise, as we believe in full transparency throughout your shopping experience.

      What are the shipping costs to my country?

      • We offer highly competitive shipping rates to all countries worldwide. 
      • For the full list of countries and their applicable shipping rates, please refer to our Shipping Policy (link available on the Home page menus), or the 'Delivery Costs' page.
      • The total product cost plus shipping total will be shown on the Cart page after you enter your shipping address. 

      Do you accept Payment on Delivery (POD)?

      • We do not accept Payment on Delivery (also known as Cash on Delivery/CoD), as this service is only available for use with private couriers. We use your country's national postal service for all our deliveries.

       Why does the shipping confirmation email take 2 - 10 days?

      • 'Shipping' and 'Despatch' are two different things: All orders are despatched from our warehouse within 24 hours of the order being placed. 
      • The order must then proceed through, and clear, exit customs and then be loaded to air freight. Only at this point will it receive a tracking number. This tracking number automatically triggers the shipping confirmation sent to your email inbox.  Please allow around 2 - 10 days to receive this confirmation, in order to account for various customs delays.
        I haven't received my order/shipping confirmation email?
        • Make sure you enter your email address details carefully at checkout. We cannot send you any notifications or confirmations if we do not have your correct email address. Please log into your account to check the details are correct.
        • If you think you may have made an error with your email address at the time of purchase, please email us at help@furbabyfriends.co.uk and we will check for you.
        • A shipping confirmation email is automatically generated from our system approximately 2 - 7 days after you place your order, which is the processing period required for your item to be packaged and cleared through customs.
        • If you do not receive a shipping confirmation within 7 days of placing your order, please check your spam folder and contact us at help@furbabyfriends.co.uk if you still cannot locate this.

        Which courier do you use?

        • As stated in our Shipping Policy, we use the international postal networks, not private couriers. For example, Royal Mail, An Post, Canada Post, Mail Americas, USPS and so on. Once you have a tracking number, you can track via your national postal service website tracking service, or via the universal tracking link we provide you in our shipping confirmation email.

        How long will it take for me to receive my order?

        • Please allow around 2 - 5 weeks for the delivery of your item, subject to customs delays. Whilst we are based in the UK, we source all our items directly from the manufacturer, who is often outside Europe and USA. This enables us to customise our products and keep our product/ shipping costs to an absolute minimum - a saving we pass on to you!
        • The 2 - 7 day processing period explained above is included in this delivery estimate.

        How do I track my order?

        • Once you have received an email from us with your shipping confirmation, please either use the link given in that email, or go to the 'Order Tracking' link on our Home page.
        • You can also use your tracking number with your national postal service website (Royal Mail/ Australia Post/ Canada Post/ USPS etc) to track your item.
        • Please note that your item usually cannot be tracked during the first 2 - 7 days of placing your order, as it will likely be still within the processing and customs clearance stage explained above.
        • We recommend that you track your order on a weekly basis to avoid missing a delivery. We cannot be held responsible for your domestic delivery service's failure to leave a 'while you were out' type card.
        • We also send out regular shipping updates, to include an 'out for delivery' email on the day it is due to be delivered to you. If you cannot accept delivery on that day, you can usually either collect from your national postal service local delivery depot, or rearrange your delivery online with your national postal service.

        I am unable to track my order as I receive an error message

        • Tracking numbers sometimes take a few days to sync from our warehouse system to the national courier's database. USPS is particularly slow in this regard. Please be patient. If you are concerned it may be lost, we can check the warehouse database for you to confirm the position.
        • Some national couriers will not allow international tracking to take place until the item has arrived in the domestic country. For example, An Post (Ireland) would fall into this category.
        • If your tracking advises that the 'carrier cannot be found', please try your tracking number with our partner tracking site:  https://global.cainiao.com/

        The tracking information has simply stated 'In Transit' for a while. What does this mean?

        • This means your item is currently being carried as part of air freight. Its journey to your domestic country may not be direct, so please be patient. The international postal networks do not use GPS tagging during the international transit stage, so there will generally be very few updates until it has arrived in your domestic country.  There can often be delays of a week or so when an item arrives in the larger sorting offices so please do not be concerned. We build these delays into our shipping estimates.
        • Please note that sometimes an item can be held in import customs for 1 - 3 weeks. This is simply due to how busy your country's entry customs department is at that time, and not a reflection on our products! Please be patient and it will arrive in due course. If an issue arises at customs level this will always be reflected in the tracking information.

        The tracking says 'Cancelled'

        • Please do not be concerned if you get this message when attempting to track.  It simply means  that the tracking number is being revised, and should update shortly. Rest assured your order has not been cancelled as a result, and is still in transit. If it does not automatically update in a day or two, please contact us so we can check it for you.

        I haven't received my order -  but the tracking says it has been delivered?

        • Please ensure you enter your delivery address details correctly at check out. We simply cannot be held responsible for items which go astray due to incorrect addresses/ post codes being entered.
        • We do not use private couriers: the delivery will be handled by your country's domestic postal service (e.g., Royal Mail, Canada Post, Australia Post, Poland Post, USPS etc). 
        • Please double check your tracking number with your country's domestic postal service tracking website. This will often give additional details, such as the depot in which the item is being held, and for how long. There is also usually an option for you to arrange a redelivery online with your domestic postal service, again using the tracking number we provide.
        • If you have any issues with these postal services, we would ask that you contact your local delivery depot and quote your tracking number for further assistance. We cannot be held responsible for an item's delivery/ non delivery once such postal companies have taken over the handling of the delivery service.

        I ordered several items but have only received one of them?

        • Please check your shipping emails. We work with several manufacturers and warehouses globally, and, in order to keep shipping costs to a minimum, items may be sent from different locations accordingly. If so, each item will have a separate tracking number, meaning you will have received several shipping confirmation emails.

        My local delivery depot has advised that the package has been returned to sender. What do I do?

        • As stated in our Shipping Policy on our website, in the event a package is returned to us due to non-collection, return postal charges will be applicable should you wish your item to be returned to you. We would again stress the importance of regularly checking for shipping updates accordingly.
        • We do not issue refunds until the item has been received by us.

        How do I contact you for help about my order?

        • If you cannot find the answer to your query above, we are happy to help! Simply email us at help@furbabyfriends.co.uk with your query, or alternatively complete our online enquiry form within the 'Contact Us' link on the Home page.
        • Please remember to include your order number if your query is in relation to an order as we receive hundreds of orders each day!
        • If using our online contact form, please ensure you enter your email address correctly, as we cannot respond to you if your email address is incorrect. 

          I have bought a clock, but I am struggling to assemble it.

          • Please contact us at help@furbabyfriends.co.uk and we will provide you with an assembly video to assist, and also give you step by step tips and pointers.

          I have bought a clock, but it appears to be the wrong colour/ damaged.

          • Please ensure you have peeled off the protective paper film from the front of the characters. This is usually either a golden brown colour, or transparent. If the latter, this can give the illusion of scratched characters/ hands until removed.

          I wish to return my item/ my item is faulty/ damaged

          • Please refer to our Refund Policy for details. You can find this in our website menus sections.

          How do I leave a review?

          • We LOVE hearing from you! 
          • If you would like to have your review featured in our 'Testimonials' section on our Home page, simply email us at help@furbabyfriends.co.uk with your comment -  and let us know whether you would like to be anonymous or have your name included. 
          • Alternatively you could leave a review on our Facebook, Etsy, or Instagram pages.
          • The more positive reviews we receive, the more likely we will be able to further lower our costs in the future!