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About Us

Cats. Horses. Dogs. Don't you just LOVE them?! They're our friends, our little furballs, our babies, our FURBABY FRIENDS!! 




It's no surprise that we are a world of pet lovers, and here at Furbaby Friends we know how important pets are to you. So much so, that we have created a one stop shop full of beautiful, unique and fun goodies for all pet lovers and their furbabies. 


We have also, importantly, taken the headache out of shopping online by firstly providing free worldwide shipping on all our products, and secondly by road-testing each item ourselves to ensure optimum quality, purrr-fection and satisfaction throughout your shopping experience. 


We wholeheartedly welcome feedback and suggestions, and take your (and your furry friends) views seriously.  If you can't find what you are looking for or have any ideas for stock, we will use our worldwide contacts to try our very best to locate and source it for you.  Please note however that we refuse to stock any animal fur items (we actually also have a selection of vegan friendly leather items available).


Lastly, Furbaby Friends LOVE to hear all your stories about how much your pets and loved ones are enjoying their gifts -  so feel free to drop us a line or two with a pic!


Happy shopping!