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Black Cat Appreciation Day!

Here at Furbaby Friends, EVERY day is Black Cat Appreciation Day! But the 'official' date is 17 August each year. There's also 'National Black Cat Day', which falls on 27 October each year - so its a double dose of love for our little domestic panthers!

Here are a few things you might not know about these adorable kitties:
1. Black cats can spend more time waiting to be adopted than other coloured cats. Source: RSPSA UK
2. Holding a black cat MAY make you appear slimmer(!) and will match any decor.
3. Black cats are basically tiny black panthers 🐈‍⬛
4. They are great at hide and seek. Especially when trying to take a photo.... sadly part of the reason they are not adopted as frequently as the other colours is they are deemed 'not very instagrammable' or 'photogenic'. Source: RSPCA NSW We find this simply depressing. 
5. They have the most amazing amber coloured eyes you will ever see! This is  related to high levels of melanin produced by their cells.
6. In the Middle Ages in Europe, black cats were often associated with witchcraft and were assumed to carry out the evil deeds of witches. This resulted in widespread neglect of these innocent cats, which contributed to an overpopulation of rodents, aiding the spread of the Bubonic Plague. The fear and superstition surrounding black cats travelled to America with European migration and was sometimes used to justify their neglect. Source: RSPCA Pet Insurance You can find out more about Medieval black cat beliefs via the History Channel.
7. The Egyptians, however, linked black cats closely to the gods, and the Japanese viewed black cats as bringing good luck, prosperity and even romantic love! In the UK, sailors historically regarded a cat onboard as a way of ensuring a safe return home, and a cat crossing your path or arriving on your doorstep was also seen as a sign of good luck. Source: PetPlan UK
8. The coat colour of black cats is genetic, caused by high levels of production of the pigment melanin, but their colour can change over time.  Too much time in the sun can cause a reversible ‘rusting’ of the fur coat to a reddish dark brown. This can also occur due to dietary deficiencies, such as in tyrosine, an essential amino acid. Again, this is reversible but veterinary advice is required to rule out any other illness before prescribing dietary supplements. Like all animals, black cats can develop white hairs as they age.  Source: RSPCA Pet Insurance
9. Many pet shelters ban the adoption of black cats around Halloween, for fear they could be abused due to negative superstitions. Please do not adopt your black cat out during the Autumn/ Fall months accordingly. Source: 2nd Street Animal Hospital
10.  Rumour has it that black cats are often healthier than their colourful counterparts, and research has shown that the genetic mutation which causes their fur to be black can also provide protection against certain diseases. This means that black cats live longer on average than other breeds — as long as they’re properly cared for, of course! Source: Cotswolds Dogs & Cats Home
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Do you have a story about your own black kitty which you'd love to share with us? Drop us a line at help@furbabyfriends.co.uk and we will feature it on our Facebook page for you!